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Teaching hospitals

Fujita Health University Nanakuri Sanatorium

A pioneer of palliative care and sub-acute rehabilitation to pursue creative and highly specialized medical care

The mission of Nanakuri Sanatorium is to provide unique medical services based on a reliable general medicine. Among such medical services, a 7-day intensive rehabilitation program called FIT program has resulted in outstanding achievements and therefore is attracting a lot of attention. For palliative care, we established the Nutrition Support Team (NST) to actively engage in advanced treatment. The fact that we have been accredited by the Japan Council for Quality Health Care indicates that our activities and programs have been recognized and appreciated.
It is team work and communication that make such medical care possible. We have built close and trusting relationships not only with our patients and their families but also inside the medical teams. These relationships serve as our sure foundation.
We are committed to further improving our expertise and using our excellent communication skills as a tool to support our advanced medical care techniques and level. For this, doctors and healthcare professionals who can accurately understand patient needs are indispensable. Our advice to the students is to start with learning high-level skills and expertise from us while at the same time always remembering to respect the patients. We hope you will train yourselves to be (1) therapists who can handle sub-acute rehabilitation, (2) nurses, nutritionists, or pharmacists who can provide palliative care or nutritional support, or (3) doctors or healthcare professionals who can provide higher- quality medical services.