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Teaching hospitals

Fujita Health University Banbuntane Hotokukai Hospital

An urban general hospital to provide advanced medical care

Banbuntane Hotokukai Hospital is an urban general hospital located near the transportation hub of Nagoya called Kanayama and is only a brief train ride on the JR line from Nagoya Station. The hospital first started as Bantane Hospital. It opened in 1930 and was well accepted and trusted by the local community. The local residents called it by a nickname "Bantane-san." In 1971, Banbuntane Hotokukai Foundation entered into a partnership with Fujita Gakuen and is now continuing to improve as a university hospital that also serves as a teaching hospital.
As a municipal hospital in the city center, Banbuntane Hotokukai Hospital deals with a wide variety of illnesses and clinical conditions. At the same time, as a teaching hospital, it not only provides our clinical practice and internship programs but also has an environment for high-quality medical care education using the latest knowledge and technology. The hospital currently has 23 departments. In order to systematically take advantage of the strengths and expertise of these departments, the hospital established the following six centers: the Patient-friendly endoscopic therapy and surgery center, Cardiac arrest center, Allergy center, Sleep health center, Pain relief center, and Artificial joint center. Then, in July, 2013, the Emergency Department additionally opened. The hospital is now planning to renovate the wards, and the new building will open in a few years.
One of the features of the hospital is the open lines of communication between department staff members. Taking advantage of this feature, the hospital provides interdisciplinary instructions in clinical practice with the goal of producing doctors and healthcare professionals who attentively and professionally deal with patients and gain their trust.