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Graduate School of Medicine <Ph. D. Course>

For future researchers and educators with leadership

The Graduate School of Medicine (Ph. D. course) was established in 1978 with 5 divisions: Morphology, Biological Function, Public Health, Internal Medicine, and Surgery. With the addition of Molecular Medicine in 1987, the course now offers 6 divisions and 57 subdivisions.
Based on the school philosophy and our motto "Respect the dignity of human life and pursue the social mission of medicine," the Graduate School of Medicine focuses on basic and creative medical science research and also clinical medical science research that promotes leading-edge medical care and health development activities. Through these activities, the Graduate School of Medicine is committed to encouraging researchers and educators with remarkable sensibility, creativity, humanity, and outstanding leadership.
In 2008, we opened the Oncologist and Palliative Care Specialist Training Program based on the Fujita Cancer Specialist Training Basic Promotion Plan with the goal of developing cancer specialists with academic degrees. Since then we have been training future cancer doctors who will lead team medical practice.