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Fujita Health University


For good clinicians with outstanding personality traits and clinical skills

A doctor, as a leader of team medical practice, must be able to work with others and demonstrate outstanding personality traits. At the same time, a doctor needs to have the right outlook and skills to provide the best medical practice based on objective evidence.
Through small group classes, problem based learning (PBL) classes, and clinical training at our teaching hospitals, the School of Medicine fosters students' outstanding personality traits and clinical skills.

Experience the high level learning method "Fujita PBL"

In problem based learning (PBL), students are encouraged to spot a problem, study the problem, and develop the ability to solve the problem. Based on an actual case, a 6 or 7 student group simulates a clinical setting and diagnoses a patient. It is important for them to work together, offering guidance to each other when necessary, and solve the problem. Our unique PBL is called "Fujita PBL." Through Fujita PBL, students will build the capability required to be a clinician.

Full academic support by professors active in the forefront of medical care

Professors at Fujita Health University are doctors who are committed to research, education, and medical care. The lineup of professors includes world class doctors at our teaching hospitals and clinicians who thoroughly and patiently teach anything from minor conditions to serious diseases. These professors will support students throughout their university career and after graduation.

Hands-on experience in leading edge medical care

We offer medical education at on campus facilities as well as 3 affiliated teaching hospitals. In April 2012, Japan's first da Vinci Training Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery opened, and in August 2014, the Radiology Center was completed. In 2015, a new building for the University Hospital will be completed. In this ever improving academic environment, you can learn a wide range of subjects from advanced medical technology and care to end-of-life care.

Fujita Health University Hospital
Banbuntane Hotokukai Hospital
Nanakuri Sanatorium
New Fujita Health University Hospital building (*rendering)
Minimally Invasive Therapy-Diagnostic Imaging Center (Radiology Center)
da Vinci Training Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery