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Fujita Health University

Educational facilities and equipment

An easy-to-use study environment accommodates lectures, practice, and self-teaching

A 14'floor school building completed in 2007.
All facilities and equipment you need for your studies may be found here.

Lecture room: large lecture rooms are equipped with 2 large display monitors.

All-purpose simulation room: basic medical practice is performed in this room.

Student hall and lecture room: this recreation hall is also used for learning in the Assembly course.

Small group learning (SGL) room: there are 16 SGL rooms on the SG floor where the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) takes place. They can be used as study rooms.

PC room: students are invited to freely use the PCs to search for information.

IT study room: the room is equipped with more than 130 PCs. A large group of students can watch the same CT images using these PCs.

Monitoring room: the monitoring on the SG floor has mutual connection with all SGL rooms.

Skills Lab: it is a clinical skill training room equipped with high-spec simulators.

Study room for 6th year students: each room is for 8 students and has a desk prepared for each student. 6th year students have 1-year access to the room.

Study room for 5th students: students can study in a quiet environment.

Library: it has a rich lineup of books and magazines as well as about 750 kinds of domestic and international digital journals.

Study room: a 70-seat room for 1st to 4th year students. No reservation required.

Skills Lab

it is one of the largest simulation centers in Japan which 12,000 people in all use each year.