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Fujita Health University

Education philosophy


Producing medical practitioners with well-rounded qualities in an outstanding learning environment

The School of Health Sciences has the longest history of all the schools in Fujita Gakuen. It consists of 6 faculties, each striving to train medical practitioners with high-level knowledge and skills sufficient for specialized assignments in medical settings. We are proud of providing an incomparable education system including: a unique curriculum backed by the school tradition and achievements; an excellent environment that offers practice programs at 3 university hospitals that cover everything from leading-edge treatment to end-of-life care; and, extensive support from our instructors. Our mission is to train high-level healthcare professionals who are equipped with knowledge, skills, and well-rounded qualities. We work to make sure our students achieve personal growth through life at the school. For graduates who wish to continue their academic career, we offer a high-quality learning environment at the Graduate School of Health Sciences covering all 6 faculties. We also actively accept medical professionals as graduate students so that they can take advantage of their clinical experiences to carry out research and further develop their expertise. Medical professionals increasingly require advanced knowledge and skills while the types of professions are diversified more than ever. This, in fact, means you should be able to find a type of job that matches your ability and future vision. Students first need to fully pursue their interests in order to find their future paths. We believe we have everything to fulfill your aspirations. We encourage you to take on an academic challenge with great ambition!