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Affiliated facilities

Fujita Health University Comprehensive Community Care Center

Teaching the importance and self-rewarding elements of home-based nursing in our rapidly aging society

Comprehensive Community Care Center was established in February, 2013. It was the first caregiver training facility operated by a school with the cooperation of its university hospital, local medical association, and local government that was approved for establishment. While society is rapidly aging in urban areas and the government is promoting the Comprehensive Regional Care System, the objectives of the Comprehensive Community Care Center are: development of those who support the collaboration among medical care, nursing care, and social work; provision of high-quality home-based nursing services; smooth transition from acute-phase hospital care to home-based nursing care; and promotion of practice, studying, and research by the students of Fujita Health University. For 3rd year Faculty of Nursing students, we started a visiting nursing care practice program and seminars by inviting long-term care support specialists as guest speakers. The Center is also used for graduation research by 4th year students and practice programs for Faculty of Rehabilitation students. We hope you learn through hands-on experience the importance of home-based medical and nursing care and self-rewarding elements of medical care in which you work with service recipients.